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This blog will no longer be maintained. You can find it’s new home and all the good library information at:


Library Updates!

It’s been entirely too long since my last post. The hosting site for this website is no longer supported by the district and I’m working on switching it over to EduBlogs. So if you can read this post, then I’ll call that luck! Some computers are filtering it so it shows up as ACCESS DENIED…….

Here are some quick library updates:

1. Your library staff is still here! We won’t the status of next year until negotiations are over. It could be a long wait…….

2. Did you know that the Federal Government has a website specificially for delivering free teaching resources to students? Check it out at http://www.free.ed.gov.

3. Interested in using our computer lab? Send me an email request as soon as you know what dates you’d like. We are filling up fast.

4. The Sheldon High Library website has changed over to it’s new home. You can find it at: http://sheldonhuskies.edublogs.org

5. Thinking of having students do a research project? Check out the new rules about creating a WORKS CITED PAGE. Click HERE to view the changes.

6. The library maintains the Computer Internet Agreement forms but we do not have extra copies of it. Instead, we have one master copy that the students can photocopy for 15 cents. However, the front office has some extra copies.

7. Social Science Teachers– Check out all the new websites listed on this website. Click the Social Science tab at the top. Numbers 5-13 are new additions!


ImageChef.com Poetry Blender


We are happy to announce that the SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR will once again be visiting Sheldon High School!  This will be a great opportunity to buy Christmas gifts as the book fair will be stocked with a great variety of books for children, teens, and adults. The fair begins on December 2nd and runs through December 8th. TEACHER PREVIEW DAY will be held on December 3rd. Stop by during your prep period for some shopping and FOOD. So start planning now and support your school library!


SHELDON HIGH SCHOOL PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CLASS– Using the Internet in the 21st Century Web 2.0

20 of your fellow teachers are taking this class and doing a great job! To see what they are working on, click HERE. It’s all about using blogs, wikis, Google advanced features, etc. in the classroom. Many of the enrolled teachers have already gone above and beyond the class work and have set up professional and/or personal blogs. If you have questions about the this class and would like to enroll for it in the Spring, let Karin in the library know.



As you may already know, the Sheldon Library has it’s own Facebook Fan Page. Now you can also follow us on TWITTER! There’s not much there yet, but we’ll be “tweeting” very soon. Click HERE to visit us on Twitter.



The library no longer receives the Sacramento Bee Newspaper, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get news in your classroom. So if you are wanting students to have access to current events, here’s where you can send them:

1. The Sacramento Boo Online version of the newspaper I sent out every morning. Feel free to share the link and passwords to any students that need them.

2. Visit the STUDENT LIBRARY BLOG and click the CURRENT EVENTS tab to get a list of direct links to various newspapers, including international newspapers.

3. Go to the right side of this website to view CNN News for Students. This should be updated at least once per week.

The Sheldon Library is now on Facebook!

1) Become a fan of the Sheldon High School Library on Facebook! I’ll be updating this page, (at home, of course) with book reviews and suggestions, research tips, study strategies, and anything else library related. Both students and teachers are welcome to become FANS! You’ll find the link to Facebook on the right side of this page.


2) We are all mad about the state of education in California. In fact, mad is probably an understatement! Contact your legislature and let them know how you feel. Inundate them with emails and letters. Show them how these irresponible budget cuts are impacting our classrooms. Here’s contact information:

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger   State Capitol Building, Sacramento CA 95814 OR click HERE to email him directly.

You can CLICK HERE to find state representatives from your area.



3) TEXTBOOK RETURNS! It’s almost time for the 9 week classes to get their books turned into the library. As always, you may borrow book carts, or take a walk to the library with your class to return books. No need to even call ahead. Just show up! We ask that you tell your students that if we do not get books turned in, there will not be enough to check out the following week. Every effort should be made to GET ALL TEXTBOOKS IN BY FRIDAY!


4) Computer lab has many open spots for the next two weeks– stop by the library ASAP or email Karin if you would like to schedule some computer lab time.


How you can help!!


As you are well aware, the district budget cuts are very likely to effect library services next year. Unless voices are loud, and unless we explicitly express how the library impacts our students’ education, the library, as we currently know it, will be gone. Even if you only use the library to check out textbooks, you can assume that most of your students, if not all, use the library for research, reading, studying, and computer use. Students who might not feel safe anywhere else come here, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day! And over the last year, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of students needing to use the internet– it seems that many families are discontinuing internet service as a way to cut costs.

The library staffs a credentialed teacher and a classified technician. My primary roll is to teach information literacy through teacher collaboration. I take care of the educational side of our library. My technician, Michele, takes care of the organization of this space. We cannot do either of our jobs without the other person. So even if the library doors will technically be “open” next year, there will not be staffing to maintain the services you and the students have come to depend on.

So here’s how you can help:

1. Email the board members at http://www.egusd.net/discover_egusd/board/index.cfm

2. Express your concern about the budget crisis through emailing the budget committee at: http://www.egusd.net/news/budget/index.cfm

3. Attend the October 6th board meeting. It starts at 7:00 at the district office.


Welcome to the new Sheldon Library newsletter!

Welcome back, teachers! In light of the technology that we are constantly surrounded by and in an effort to be as paperless as possible, the Sheldon High Library Newsletters will now be posted on this blog. Not only will this allow me a quicker way to get information out to you, it will also allow you to familiarize yourself with blogging technology. Here’s what you will find on this blog:

1. Library rules and regulations.

2. Links to interesting sites for each subject area.

3. Links to website evaluation lessons and tutorials.

4. Links to everything Google has to offer.

5. A place for you to comment back about the resources I’ve posted.

I hope to include resources that you will find directly useful in your classrooms. If you have something you would like me to specifically add, shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to oblige.

Here’s to the start of a technologically great year!!